Essay Reviews – Two Books on London and Auschwitz


This is the place to locate essay topics that you can study. The article reviews two books on London as well as Auschwitz. Two papers on shiftwork is additionally discussed. I’m hoping that this article will find informative and useful. Writing reviews for essays are an integral component of the crafting process.

Review of two books on London

If you’re top essay writing looking for a an idea of London and its surroundings, it’s a good idea to look up these two books written by Simon Jenkins. These books cover all of London and offer map legends and descriptions for every region. They also provide information on the latest developments of London as well as the areas around it like those of the Black Lives Matter movement, recently installed statues, and street art. The two books are written with engaging prose that is complemented with thorough research and keen analysis.

A group of north Londoners with a love of literature manages the London Review of Books. The magazine is well-known as a progressive publication with a progressive view on politics. Editor of the magazine, Jane Wilmers, was the wife of film director Stephen Frears and has two children, Sam Will and Sam Will. She is close to biographers Claire Tomalin and Alan Bennett.

The second book, Hot Stew, is set in modern-day Soho. Previous books by Mozley concerned issues of class, however this one focuses more on gentrification in central London. The protagonist Agatha Howard inherits her father’s academized estate, but she would like to transform it into something more appealing for those in the middle class whom she considers to be unfit.

Two books about Auschwitz are reviewed

The two books offer different approaches to the Holocaust. The first book, Auschwitz From A to Z, offers an illustrated account of Auschwitz’s story. The other, The Private Lives of the Auschwitz SS, is a collection of personal accounts of Polish house servants working for the German staff of the camp in the 1940s. The accounts are compelling and worthwhile.

Although historical fiction authors must base their stories on fact, Holocaust stories are an crucial way to provide voice to the 6 million Jewish victims. The work of Lily Graham contains a blend of funny beach readings and deep World War II fiction. These novels may not be as impactful because we don’t know every detail of the Holocaust’s tale.

The Unwanted shares similar premise however, the emphasis is on the American portion of the plot. The main character is an 11 year old girl who is from a well-known Jewish family from Berlin. The girl is far more German than her nonJewish friends. In contrast, The Unwanted is about the American involvement in Auschwitz which resulted in that the United States taking in more German Jewish refugees than any other country, except the Palestine area.

Book review of Kimberly Chabot Davis

Kimberly Chabot Davis, a Bridgewater State University English professor and the author of two books about the intersection of white and African American cultures is the essaywriter author. The thesis she lays out is that African American culture and literature could be utilized to encourage positive social and antiracist attitudes. Beyond the White Negro, Race, Culture, the Imagination of a Black Reader is her first book, which examines a range of literary works, as well as the connection between antiracist acts and public reception.

Chabot Davis employs her distinctive methodology to examine postmodern texts as well as the contemporaneous text. This allows Chabot to explore how the process of cultural production and media can be influenced by antiracist practices. She uses case studies of popular culture in order to investigate the ways that different viewers respond to different types of cultural production. She also discredits the concept that sentimentality is inherentally imperial.

The review includes two essays about shiftwork

Recent systematic reviews of literature found a wide range of adverse effects that shift work has on psychological and physical well-being. The research sought to determine the causes of the adverse effects of shift work on the relationship between family and work. To do this, the authors used EBSCO as well as PubMed to perform a systematic research. In the search for 36 articles, twenty-five met inclusion criteria. Anxiety and depression increases when you work shifts.

It is a vast phenomena, with various dimensions. It’s frequent in companies that offer 24 hours of service, such as health care, protection services, transportation, as well as the police forces. Many studies have shown that shift workers are at greater risk for certain illnesses. Additionally, the duration and frequency of sick time is a way to evaluate the effects on health from shift work.

It is now a more common type of work. It’s possible to do it in a variety of shifts including evening shifts and night shifts. It is also possible to work on-call rotating shifts, split shifts or rotate shifts. According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics estimates that 15 million Americans are employed in shift-based jobs. Research has shown the effects of shift work on issues with relationships, sleep patterns as well as overall health.